A Potato Chip Tale. A short film shot guerrilla style by Heidi Sjursen and Clark ov Saturn, 2004

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Contact Information:
Chicken TarTar Productions
Address: 302 Bedford Ave. #256
City, Prov/State: Brooklyn, NY
Country, Postal/ZIP Code: USA 11211
Telephone: heidi: 718 852 7966. clark 718 791 3953
heidi@potatochiptale.com or clark@potatochiptale.com
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  • Title: A Potato Chip Tale
    Country of Origin: USA
    Running Time: 20:00
    Year Completed: 2004

    Category : _x_Short Narrative __
    Original Production Format -- _Digital Video_
    Screening Format _x_Mini DV (NTSC) _x_DVD (NTSC) _x_VHS (NTSC)

    Production Credits:
    Heidi Sjursen & Clark ov Saturn
    Producer: Heidi Sjursen & Clark ov Saturn
    Screenwriter: Clark & Heidi
    Cinematographer: David Johnson, Jonathan Lees, Lola Rocknrolla
    Editor: Clark & Heidi
    Music: Rick Gradone
    Principal Cast: Heidi Sjursen & Clark ov Saturn
    Guest appearances: Theo Kogan, Amanda Lepore
    Filmed on location: Hanover, Pennsylvania: a Potato Chip factory, a diner and a dank motel room; Woodstock, New York, New Jersey.
    Wardrobe: Heidi Sjursen and Clark ov Saturn
    Makeup: Heidi Sjursen
    Gaffer, grips, best boy, and tie camera man: David J. Johnson

    Other Info: Prior Screenings/Awards/Festivals:


  • Brief Synopsis:
    A Potato Chip Tale is an epic psychedelic road adventure. Princess is a disgruntled supermodel in New York City. She can't take the glamour life any more, so she hits the road to meet some real people. Along the way, she meets a ballet-loving cowboy, a psychedelic cosmetics salesman, and a gun-toting monk. She winds up in America's snack food mecca, Hanover, Pennsylvania. A victim of snack abuse, Princess must face her dark past and fears head on.

    DVD Features:
    official PCT trailer, photo slideshow, Heidi and Clark's reels, bonus clips

Clark's FUN FACTS about the making of A Potato Chip Tale :

  • The first people we met after getting into costume and hitting the street: 7th Day Adventists on Heidi's sidewalk in Brooklyn who gave us literature.
  • Number of locations we scouted before shooting: 0
  • Number of locations that we got kicked out of: about 6
  • Number of days shooting: 5-7
  • Most expensive cost: stickers: $300, Anthology rental: $250. Hotel room: $80.
  • Number of large amanita muscaria (soma) mushrooms that just happened to be growing under a tree upstate the day we were shooting near Woodstock: 2
  • Number of potato chip bags purchased for the free screening: 100
  • Number of potato chip bags that were available at Heidi's bodega: 101
  • Where the "flashback" scenes were shot: in a dank basement room with 3 beds at a motel run by a Gujurati Indian family in Hanover, Pennsylvania, directly across from the OLD Utz potato chip factory.
  • Troll rock: it exists in the hills outside Woodstock, NY. See it in the Mr. Jibbers montage.
  • Cameras used for this shoot: 2 mini-DV consumers, 1 digital-8 consumer, 1 Sony 3 chip, 1 hidden tie camera.
  • Fashion Show: from the Pierrot show @ Fashion Week, 2002. Heidi was a model in the show and we were lucky to be granted access to film. Our first day!
  • The car: it was Heidi's actual car. It has since gone to rest...
  • Clark's tutu: borrowed from then girlfriend, now wife, Seema. It has since been cut shorter.