Socks and Sandals, NYC. live minimal techno producer/performers


Links: (in no particular order):

microcosm music

Red Antenna

FoundSound Records

Stunningly great improvisers

Rake AV

Home to Wignomy Brothers, Musik Krause and other great stuff.
Many impressive Wignomy dj sets are available for streaming!

mad EP -

The Agriculture -

great music has monster collection of archives

Beta Lounge -
for the live Lawrence set alone, this site is worth it, not that that's the only gem in the archives

Solid Steel -
weekly radio show produced by members of dj food. Top quality dj sets spanning virtually the whole of modern recorded music.

Harmony Central -
considering buying a synth/effects pedal/computer music related thingy? Go to the user reviews.

Leaf Records -
remember when these guys first started putting out records and there was that other label called Leaf from Canada and nobody was quite sure if they were different because their logos were so damned similar? These guys are great.

Susumu Yokota -
beautiful music
this site is essential for all those who work on pcs. If you follow the directions on this site, your pc will run better. It's supposed to be tuning tips for people using pcs for music production, but the tips are useful for anyone.

Basic Channel -
great stuff, all of it

Biftek -

Dark Network -
Their stuff is hard to categorize, but they are analog synth/drum machine junkies and make these long, meandering, dubby techno workouts. It's excellent stuff.

Chris Jordan aka seej
video projections extraordinaire

Giles Hendrix -- --
video projections extraordinaire


Recone Helmut and pH10

Sheldon's t-shirt designs

Sheldon Drake
DJ, painter, graphics/interstitial guru

Jeremy Slater
music, etc.

Monya Rowe Gallery
Monya Rowe art gallery

Mike Dye's art

UK Sandals with Socks PICTURES SITE


Socks and Sandals:
Sean Smith and
Clark ov Saturn
sands AT [nospam]
Publishing: Bass Beaker Publishing, ASCAP
c2005 Love and Cush Records